Lower cost,
lower emissions,
& higher power

A revolution in solar panel manufacturing technology

Forging a New Standard.

At Leading Edge, we’re revolutionizing the solar industry with our new silicon wafer manufacturing technology – the most critical component in a solar panel. Our technology makes single-crystal silicon wafers that provide a low-cost, high-efficiency, and low-emission alternative to the industry’s standard technology. We’re empowering solar panel manufacturers with a drop-in manufacturing technology to gain a competitive advantage in this commodity space and enable higher performing technologies. 

We're Advancing the Solar Panel Industry

Current silicon wafer production involves wire-sawing large silicon ingots, chemical etching, and energy-intensive furnaces. This results in excessive waste, high energy costs, and reduced wafer efficiency. We use a breakthrough technique in crystal growth to produce silicon wafers for ~40 percent less than current single-crystal solutions and with higher efficiency. A true double-win. Our manufacturing technology uses our patented Floating Silicon Method™.

1 %
Reduction in Manufacturing Costs
1 %
Increase in Solar Panel Efficiency
1 %
Reduction in Manufacturing Emissions

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