Lower cost,
lower emissions,
& higher power

A revolution in solar panel manufacturing technology

Forging a New Standard.

At Leading Edge, we’re revolutionizing the solar industry with our new silicon wafer manufacturing technology – the most critical component in a solar panel. Our technology makes single-crystal silicon wafers that provide a low-cost, high-efficiency, and low-emission alternative to the industry’s standard technology. We’re taking hold of the competitive advantage in this commodity space by designing and assembling our furnaces, and manufacturing wafers for sale on the open market or to strategic partners.

We're Advancing the Solar Panel Industry

Current silicon wafer production involves wire-sawing large silicon ingots, chemical etching, and energy-intensive furnaces. This results in excessive waste, high energy costs, and reduced wafer efficiency. We use a breakthrough technique in crystal growth to produce silicon wafers for ~40 percent less than current single-crystal solutions and with higher efficiency. A true double-win. Our manufacturing technology uses our patented Floating Silicon Method™.

Reduction in Manufacturing Costs
1 %
Increase in Solar Panel Efficiency
1 %
Reduction in Manufacturing Emissions
1 %

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